Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Teriminator pays child support

I just listened to FoxNews (O'Reilly Factor) legal expert Lis Wiehl explain child support, in connection with the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal:
What California does, as many states, there is a grid. And they look at this grid and say -- How much does the mom make? How much does the dad make? How much does it cost to raise a child? They put those things together, and they split it up. If the mother makes a lot more money, she is going to have to pay more. If the father makes a lot more money, he is going to have to pay more.
No, this is not right. The cost to raise a child is not a factor at all. And if the mom has full custody, then her income is not a factor either.

She also talked about how the parents can settle out of court, but that is not correct either. The parents do not have the ability to make a binding deal that the courts will uphold.

The term "child support" is misleading. The system is really a cross between an income tax and alimony. It is not what most people think at all, and not even what TV legal experts think that it is.


Anonymous said...

'And if the mom has full custody, then her income is not a factor either.'

REFERENCE IT. This blog is a wealth of misinformation!! Are you even living in or from CA???

DCSS collects I&E reports without bias from both parties, even if the mother has SOLE legal and physical custody. I know this for a fact.

Anonymous said...

One word, "Dissomaster."

Anonymous said...

they do take InE's from both parties, but the mother's income does not factor into the support calculation. THIS I KNOW FOR A FACT because that's what happened to me and was explained at great lengths by the kindly and wise Irwin Joseph in court when I lost full custody of my kids. It's simply then a percentage of bad dad's income. Period. Call or write your local child support services today, operators are standing by......

George said...

That's right, if the mom has sole custody of 2 kids, then the dad pays 40% of his income as support to the mom. It has nothing to do with the income of the mom or the needs of the child.

Anonymous said...

40%, it's the new flat tax for bad dads.

Sorry, should have said: call child protective services and start your tax-free income today! Operators are standing by!!