Friday, May 13, 2011

Durbin voted off

James Durbin is Santa Cruz's most famous celebrity. He is a rock singer and had been the favorite to win American Idol, but last night he was voted off.

He is married, has a small child, and has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. I wonder if he realizes that Santa Cruz has a family court judge who believes in taking kids away from parents with Aspergers.

All six court psychologists said that I do not have Aspergers or any other psychological disorder. But Judge Heather Morse said that a lot of psychologists don't know about Aspergers, and maybe I have it or narcissism. For that, she has blocked me from seeing my kids. She obviously knows nothing about personality disorders.

Even if I had a disorder, it is the law and public policy of California not to discriminate against a parent with a disability. If you are a drug addict, then the judge can make you attend rehab, but you cannot lose custody because of mental or physical disabilities. Judge Morse says that I am "physically incapable" of understanding her decision. I wonder if she realizes how bigoted she appears. She is punishing my kids and me because of a false and ignorant stereotype.

Update: By popular demand, Durbin Day Back On In Santa Cruz. Saturday, 2:30 downtown, 5:00 Boardwalk. Santa Cruz is showing a lot of class by doing this.

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