Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ex-wife files new custody motion

My ex-wife has just filed a new motion for permanent sole legal and physical custody, to be heard on June 29. The paperwork is about 200 pages. Her reasons are:

1. She argues that this post violates confidentiality requirements of the California Family Code. That explains how I lost joint legal custody. I guess that I will have to research whether there is really some law that prevents me from telling that story.

2. I complained on Yelp about the court psychologist, and complained to Sacramento. She says that this damaged his reputation. She also complains that I posted his letter to the court, where he admitted his bias in the case.

3. She fears that our kids will learn that "the money follows the child", and that the court psychologists all agreed that her accusations of emotional abuse were unfounded.

4. She complains that I switched supervisors last year. She blames me for me not getting my supervised visits the last couple of months.

The curious thing is that she makes no attempt to rebut anything I said. She rambles on and on with gripes about this blog, but she fails to identify anything that is actually false.

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Anonymous said...

Was AngryMom’s “motion for permanent sole legal and physical custody” filed by a lawyer? It seems as though all she is doing is complaining and not filing a legal motion. I would be interested in knowing what statutes and California Family Codes she cites as the basis of her motion (complaints.)

It doesn’t sound like there is sound legal basis for her complaints. She is worried about Perlmutter’s reputation? One look at the reviews on Yelp, especially the one by Susan S. of San Mateo where she writes, “pompous windbag,” “He destroyed me and my daughter in the interest of being fair to my ex. He should have to be responsible for his mistakes,” and “Everything I said to him fell on deaf ears”

A 200 page motion seems unusually long. But then this is Family Law, where someone can write a 100,000 word document and call it a brief.