Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shrink flakes out

I just got this letter from Ken Perlmutter:
Dear Judge Morse,

I received your Order After Hearing filed 4/7/11 in the above-named matter.

I understand you may consider appointing me to do an "Updated Child Custody Evaluation" at some point in the future. I want to let you know now that I would not do an Update for this family. Subsequent to my deposition in June 2010 I did read George's web blog: http://angrydad. and I did read comments he posted about me on Yelp. Based on this I cannot guarantee my neutrality and objectivity and thus it would not be appropriate for me to accept further assignments in this matter.

Therefore at this time and in the future I will not be able to serve in any capacity for this family.

Kenneth B. Perlmutter, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
He is lying, of course. The reason he is bailing out is that someone is writing a book on the corruption of the family court, and Perlmutter is an example.

I am surprised that Perlmutter would refuse his duties in this way. We paid him $26,000 to do a court-ordered evaluation. He took the money, and wrote a report, but he only made a temporary recommendation for the next 6 months, and said that we would have to pay him additional money for an update for him to say what to do after that.

He testified on the public record against me seeing my kids, and I contested it, of course.

In Ken Perlmutter's testimony, he admitted that he was incompetent to read the legal papers in our case, that he was incompetent to apply any psychology knowledge, that he had no expertise to support his recommendations, and that his recommendations were insane. He testified that I was just as good a parent as my ex-wife, but the court had botched the case and all he was going to do was to support the mistakes that the court had already made.

I quoted his testimony on this blog. I criticized it for the same reasons that I criticized it in court. He said that he had testified in contested court cases about 100 times, so I would not expect that he would be so squeamish about his own testimony being quoted. I would expect him to be used to parents being unhappy with his recommendations.

This letter shows Perlmutter to be an irresponsible crook. He took $26K to do a job, and he is refusing to finish it. He does not dispute anything I said. His only excuse is that he wants to be able to trash me, without any rebuttal from me.


Anonymous said...

So, Perlmutter is admitting that any services he provided after his deposition in June 2010 were not neutral or objective. This would apparently include his court testimony which judge Morse relied upon heavily in her decision. If Perlmutter was honest he should have excused himself from the trial !

George said...

I was wondering whether anyone would notice that. Yes, he testified in court in Dec. 2010, after his neutrality and objectivity were compromised, by his own admission. They guy is a creep, but I am stunned by this.