Saturday, April 30, 2011

Psychologist wanted me to lie

I knew that I was in trouble with Kenneth B. Perlmutter, the court-appointed psychology evaluator, when he asked me:
Will you promise to never discuss the court case with them again?
The context for this was that he interviewed my kids, and they told him that their mom said that I was a child abuser, and that the court would not let me see them. Furthermore, they said that I never do anything for them, and that I don't try to see them.

I told Perlmutter that it was wrong to allow my kids to believe such false and destructive things. I was paying child support, I was seeing them as much as I could, and the allegations of child abuse are entirely unfounded. Only my ex-wife was preventing me from seeing my kids.

Perlmutter agreed that the court had completely screwed up my case. He did not dispute that I was telling them the truth, and that the truth was beneficial to my kids. But he said that the sort of people who work for the court do not like parents telling kids anything that might reflect badly on the court. Therefore, he was going to punish me for telling my kids the truth.

All of this is on the court record, in transcripts of his testimony. I could not say stuff like this if it were not true.

So when Ken Perlmutter asked me to promise to never tell my kids the truth, I knew that I was a dead duck. There is just no reasoning with a scumbag like him.

I checked books on psychology, on child custody evaluations, and on child rearing. The conventional wisdom is that it is harmful for a child to believe that she has been abandoned by her dad, that her dad is an abuser, and that she is an abused child. It is especially harmful if these allegations are all false, and if they are malicious lies told by the mom. When asked, under oath, Perlmutter did not dispute that these were malicious lies told by the mom. He admitted, under oath, that there is no known harm in me telling them the truth that I had not abandoned them, and that I had done what was best for them.

Perlmutter ended up recommending that my visitation be supervised. He testified that there was no danger of abuse, but that there was a danger that the kids would learn that I was not the bad guy that my ex-wife has falsely portrayed me to be.

Now Perlmutter complains to the court that I have criticized him on this blog. I am just describing what he did. If he had done a decent job, then he would not mind standing behind his testimony. He is an evil and malicious crook, and he should be ashamed for how he makes his living.

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