Saturday, April 23, 2011

Judge pretends to be a shrink

Here is the bizarre end to Judge Heather Morse's decision:
Whether as a result of a narcissistic personality disorder that could benefit from individual therapy (which George distrusts), or from a medical perspective of a biological disorder such as Asperger's Syndrome where individuals with genius I.Q.'s can have difficulties with social relationships, the court finds that the parties' time and money could be better spent to improve the parental relationships while there is still time to do so.
I pointed out to the judge that I have been evaluated ten times for the court, and every single one of them said that I do not have any psychological disorders. Her response was that "a lot of psychologists don't know how to test for Asperger's."

Assuming Judge Morse is correct, why does she keep farming cases out to incompetent psychologists who know less about psychology than she does?

But she is not correct. If she knew anything about these disorders, then she would know that the symptoms do not match the complaints against me at all. She probably just remembers hearing these buzzwords at some judge seminar, and that is all she knows. Or maybe she is dropping a hint to the next evaluator. I don't know. But if the court is going to use these idiotic psychologists for their useless evaluations, then it ought to rely on them for their actual expertise. As it is, I have a judge who want to do the psychology, and a psychologist who wants to do the judging.


Anonymous said...

At least she appears to notice that you have a high IQ!

George said...

I would rather get treated like the penniless illiterate Mexican-American fathers who are often in her court. They get to see their kids. And she does not bleed them for $30K psychologist reports.

Inspector Javert said...

*Blink* Aspergers is a pervasive developmental disorder. Psychologists ABSOLUTELY know how to diagnose it. They kind of have to. That... That betrays such a lack of understanding of basic psychology that it boggles the mind that she is permitted to work with situations involving it.

Anonymous said...

US family courts are where their so called "social justice" is served, not on each individual, but on the society as a whole by favoring the underprivileged class while punishing the defenseless, working class fathers like us.