Thursday, April 21, 2011

Physically incapable

Judge Heather Morse's decision against me said:
During our days of hearing, Roger did not appear to be mean-spirited, but rather physically incapable of perceiving why he was being prevented from having unsupervised time with his children.
Am I that stupid? Have I suffered serious brain damage? What does this mean?

I did earn a Ph.D. from the University of California, so I ought to be smart enough to understand a simple court order.

In court, Judge Morse denied that she said that I was too stupid to understand the situation. She seemed surprised when I quoted the above sentence. I guess she didn't say that I was mentally incapable; she said that I was physically incapable. Weird.

In a sense, she is right that I am incapable of understanding what this court has done, or what my ex-wife has done. Just as there are certain horrible crimes that I will never understand, I will never understand why the family court separates good parents from their kids. No reasonable person would do these things.


Anonymous said...

Hi George, typically I wouldn't think that judges would make a diagnosis or base a decision solely on courtroom observation... there must be some diagnosis that the psychiatrist made in your evaluation that is pertinent to your situation and this overall story. Are you able to share that kind of information here? I think the readers, including me, would benefit greatly from it.

George said...

No, there is no such diagnosis. The psychologists all said that I don't have any disorders. At this point, I think that I would have been better off with such a diagnosis, if it limited the judge from making these ridiculous conclusion on her own. I will post more about this.

Anonymous said...

family law decisions work on a calculus that defies logic and reason of those not involved in the system. It's based on the mysterious algorithm of BIOTCh. If anyone can crack that one there could be a Nobel Prize waiting them. Also there are no checks and balances, either, so those making the judgments can say and do what they want with impunity. Sorry you're going through this, sounds so similar to my situation.

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty clear the judge has no idea what she's talking about if she's saying you are "physically" incapable of understanding the rulings. Another arrogant and hubristic lawyer prancing around in a graduation gown on a maniacal power trip in front of a literally captive audience. I call it the "Mussolini Syndrome". Another problem is that the lawyers who go into family law are the dregs of the legal profession, the talented ones go into the more lucrative fields of intellectual property, corporate, or constitutional law.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think there's any mystery here folks. Men are the support system for the divorce industry. It's incestuous collaboration between "experts", judges and attorneys.

George's story, mine and others just confirm that regardless of your past history of being a good father, it doesn't matter. If you are financially capable, you are going to be stuck in the system.

When do you get out? For many, it's when your kids become adults and these orders can't be written and enforced anymore by these corrupt fucks.

Cheers to those who have weathered this storm and are riding off in the sunset. My best wishes to those who are suffering at the hands of such an evil and corrupt system.