Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Judgment day

My ex-wife and I were in court today, to get a decision on the evaluation that was done a year ago. The judge said that she was expecting us a couple of weeks ago, and when we did not show up, she wrote a decision and mailed it to us. The decision upholds the temporary orders that were issued last year. Those orders were for only six months, and they have long since expired, so I did not get the point.

So I asked what I am supposed to do now. She said that I could file a motion to modify the custody/visitation. I thought that was why we had a trial. We have five days of very expensive witnesses, and none of it seems to have made any difference at all.

I guess I will prepare a new motion this week. Based on what the judge said today, she will farm it out to the psychologist again. This could continue until my kids are 18. I will post more details later.


Anonymous said...

not a surprising outcome, alas. Irwin Joseph kept sustaining a "temporary" restraining order in my case for almost a year, then did the three year official version for a grand total of four.

So, are you able to see your kids in the current "temporary" orders? When's the last time you've seen/heard from them? If memory serves you've not had contact in a while. If you legally have access, then why are you not able to see them? If she's violating the orders that allow you to see them then what is your recourse?

Quite honestly I'm not counting on seeing my kids until they're at least 18 years old, so I've a few more years to go. Oh, and I understand restraining orders can be extended in perpetuity w/a hearing so I'm expecting that to happen, should be pretty soon. And by the time they leave their mom for college or whatever when they're 18 they'll have been so brainwashed that daddy abandoned them (not true at all) then the odds of ever seeing them again are likely pretty slim.

Ah, the platitudes heaped upon the value of the family in this country, and then what actually is happening to destroy it. The disconnect is astonishing.

Anonymous said...

Instead of preparing a new motion, can you not appeal this decision? If the decision is really against the evidence, as you suggest, and the psychologist admits to being biased against you, I would think an appeal might be possible.

George said...

I wish that you were correct, but an appeal is a waste of time. I've tried. The appeals court will lie as necessary to uphold the family court.