Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Asking for a refund

I just sent this letter, by US mail and by email.
Kenneth B. Perlmutter
467 Hamilton Av Ste 21, Palo Alto CA 94301
California Psychologist Lic. No. PSY7053.
April 25, 2011

Dear Ken:

I received your April 21 letter where you admit that your neutrality and objectivity had been compromised in June 2010, and where you refuse to do the evaluation update that you promised to the court.

Let me remind you of the facts our case. We had 6 months of discussions in 2009 when you learned all about our case, including our 6 years of litigation and my blog. I paid $27,900 to you for your evaluation, report, and testimony. Your report should have recommended a course of action for resolving our conflict. It did not.

Your work only inflamed our troubles. You were dishonest with my kids, the court, and me. You violated the norms for psychologists, for child custody evaluators, and for court expert witnesses. You failed to address the most important issues of our case. You wrote the order that wrongfully denied me joint legal custody of my kids. You maliciously refused to correct your errors even when they were demonstrated to you. You testified against me in Dec. 2010 even though you now admit that you were biased at the time. You cost me thousands of dollars in additional expenses to pay witnesses who testified that you were wrong.

In the end, you only made a non-constructive recommendation for 6-9 months, and said that we would have to come back to you for an update after that. Now you refuse to even do that. All of your work has become worthless, as I will probably have to hire another psychologist to redo it.

I therefore demand that you refund the $27,900 to me immediately. Simply put, you did not do the job that you were paid to do.

Sincerely, ...
I do think that Ken Perlmutter is a crook for doing what he did.

When I first met him, I just thought that he was an incompetent idiot. He had the hardest time understanding the simplest things. I often had to explain matters to him 3 or 4 times.

He claimed to not understand Commissioner Irwin Joseph's order appointing him. I must have explained that to him about ten times. I also told him that Cmr. Joseph was too stupid to understand it either. Every time we asked Cmr. Joseph for a clarification, he just said that he checked some boxes on a court form, and it was up to the psychologist to figure out what it meant. Permutter demanded to talk to Joseph directly. In reality, of course, Perlmutter just wanted to get some signals on how much to screw me.

If Perlmutter has a shred of integrity, he will refund my money. I doubt it.


Anonymous said...


Perlmutter is lucky that you are only asking for a refund, though I doubt he is capable of understanding that.

He could and perhaps should be sued for failure to complete his job, incompetency and emotional distress suffered by you. It sounds like Perlmutter is in serious need of psychiatric help.

Good luck! I think you're going to need it.


Anonymous said...

Suggestion: Tape your sessions with any "professional." I believe it is legal even if you don't let them know. Good protection for future problems.

-- Marta

George said...

Winning such a lawsuit is very difficult. I will accept a refund.

Taping sessions is not as useful as it sounds. What really matters is what he tells the court, and all of that is on the record.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get your refund.

You say you demonstrated the errors in the report and Dr. Perlmutter refused to correct it. Was this before it was submitted to the court? I understand there should be some time to review the report by the parties before the court gets it and a party can object to it before it's submitted. Did you do this?

George said...

No, I did not see the errors before the court. I will post more on this tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I was forced to go to the Boyer House center in 2000. Kenneth was head of admitting. He is a liar, is incompetent, and is self-serving. That treatment center was a hoax. They kept people sick so they could make money off their families. He owes me more than money and deserves jail time.

Anonymous said...

Ken is a piece of work. He screwed me over big time and I hope he gets his. Deception in this area is worse than drug peddling or prostitution, it is the lowest of the low taking advantage of those already disadvantaged. This should be a seriously punishable offense.