Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Vote for Crawford

I just voted for Philip Crawford for Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge.

I sent him this email:
I suggested voting for you to my fellow angry dads. I said you you could not be a worse family court judge that what we have had the last several years. One guy said that he did not want to vote for you because there must be something wrong with anyone who would want to a family court judge!

If you want to send me a paragraph on the family court, I will post it on my blog.
I got this reply:
HI George, the determination of custody matters statewide is flawed by deference to mental health professionals recommendations where there is absolutely no scientific evidence that their predictions about good parenting are any better than non-mental health practitioners.

I am either committed or should be committed for wanting to be a "family court" judge. Best, PHIL
He is absolutely correct. Just read my previous post. The mental health professionals are an evil that should be eradicated from the family court.

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