Friday, June 04, 2010

Criminal investigation of Cmr. Joseph

Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph has received his pink slip, but he is still collecting paychecks until the end of this month. I doubt that incompetence is the sole reason for him getting fired. We've had other incompetent judges, and no one did anything about them. There have to be other reasons why he was abruptly demoted and moved to the Juvenile Delinquency Court, and then fired from that court. He was in the easiest court and had the least public accountability, so how could he screw it up so badly?

I think that there is a criminal investigation of him. He is blatant about violating the rules, and not crafty enough to cover up his misdeeds. The authorities would probably prefer that he disappeared quietly, so that they do not have to revisit the cases that he bungled.

Some of the communications between Cmr. Joseph and the evaluators he has appointed are really fishy. I wonder if maybe I should bring my evidence to the district attorneys' office, in case they are building a case against him. Does anyone else have evidence?

Last year, two Penn. juvenile delinquency court judges went to prison for taking kickbacks. Eventually, their bad decisions got noticed. Occasionally judges do face justice.

It occurred to me that since a psychologist is a mandated reporter of child abuse, Perlmutter is very unlikely to make such an allegation against me. If he did, it would open himself to the criticism that he has failed to report worse abuses in the past. While I have no way of assembling such evidence, he won't want to say anything under oath that could be used against him later.

Therefore I intend to aggressively question him on whether the allegations against me constituted reportable abuse.

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Anonymous said...

of the three commissioner/judges I've had to deal with in the SC Family Court I'd have to say he's been the most adamant about counselling and psych evaluations. Far more so than the others, now that I think about my case over the years. And he's giving a two day seminar at the end of the month with Saposnek, one of the shrinks, and former court counselor, about the family law system working with psychs. Between that as potential for kickbacks and his blatant lack of following due process I'd say to look in those areas first. Just saying......