Monday, June 14, 2010

California amends no-fault divorce

AP reports
The wife of a Southern California police detective, distraught because she had lost custody of her children, tries to hire a hit man from the Vagos motorcycle gang to kill him.

Instead, gang members alert police, who disguise themselves as biker thugs and secretly tape a conversation with her, leading to the wife's arrest and ultimate conviction for solicitation of murder.

But later on, in divorce court, she is awarded half the couple's property, even though she tried to have her husband whacked. He then calls Sacramento, determined to change the divorce law.

A bill scheduled to be heard Tuesday in a state legislative committee seeks to close what its author says is a loophole in the state's no-fault divorce code. In part, the legislation will specify that spouses who solicit the murder of their husband or wife are not entitled to collect financial rewards in divorce proceedings.
Unfortunately, it will still be legal for an ex-spouse to collect financial rewards as a result of unfounded abuse accusations, as my ex-wife has done.

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Hughman said...

But the pendulum is starting to swing back, little by little.

The harder the feminist c**** fight, the worse it will get for them.