Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Physicist fights to get kids back from Nebraska

The San Jose Calif newspaper reports:
A Stanford University physicist and his wife, whose kids have been held in a Nebraska foster home for more than a month after an ugly family altercation, will appear this morning in a courtroom outside Omaha, hoping to persuade a judge to let their children come back home.

The bizarre chain of events began when the couple — Suwen Wang, a visiting scholar at Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory, and his wife, paralegal Charlotte Fu — traveled to Nebraska last month so their 12-year-old daughter, Alice, could be honored in an international art competition. On June 6, a witness told police the parents had hit their son, 13, while their car was parked on a road outside Omaha. ...

Nelson suggested that the parents' ethnicity may be playing a role in the case. "The parents and children are all U.S. citizens," said their attorney. But the court-appointed guardian for the children is trying to take away their passports.
Yes, they are American citizens, but they probably came to the USA because it was the Land of the Free. Now they are learning the sad truth -- that a billion people in China have the freedom to rear their kids according to their own best judgment, and without being constantly second-guess by strangers and meddlesome govt agents. Those kids would be better off in China than in a Nebraska foster home.

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Anonymous said...

it's worth reading the article for more details, it's appalling. Based on my own empirical experience w/the local (Santa Cruz Co) CPS as well as seeing what's happened to several other dads here, wouldn't surprise me if this sort of thing would happen here, or much worse. How credible was the eyewitness? How far away was s/he from the incident? Why were no charges filed against the parents yet they were held in jail? This is due process in America?