Friday, July 10, 2009

His uncooperativeness with us put the children at risk

The Wikipedia article on CPS has this example of a CPS action:
Another notable recent case is the family of Gary and Melissa Gates in Texas. According to a report by the local CBS Channel 42 Investigates special; the local school where their children had been attending had discovered one of the children had pinned a bag of food wrappers inside the shirt of one of the children caught stealing. The Gates had included a two page explanation as well as a list of phone numbers of who to call if the school wanted to ask more questions regarding any specific matter. Instead, the school called the local CPS and requested the Child Protective Services forcibly remove all thirteen of the Gates children and take them to foster homes. It was done without a court order under what is called Emergency Removal. The law allows it only when there is clear evidence of danger to the physical health & safety of the child and the need for protection is necessary. However, later on in the case in court, the local CPS gave the explanation that they felt, quote, "Mr. Gates was uncooperative and his uncooperativeness with us put the children at risk."
You would think that once a CPS agent got caught saying something so ridiculous, the CPS agent would be fired.

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Anonymous said...

no, like lawyers, CPS protects it's own, and they get to be judge, jury and executioner when in comes to how children should be reared. Remember the Child Catcher in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"? Nowadays CPS recapitulates that role but as Parent Catchers. With the local (Santa Cruz County) family law court aiding and abetting them. Recourse? Little to none, secrecy is the key, very Kafkaesque.