Monday, July 06, 2009

Abolish the family courts

A reader directed me to, a San Diego Calif site dedicated to abolishing the family courts. It has stories like this recent one about a child custody evaluator for the San Diego court who had faked his credentials. He also did lousy evaluations, but it appears that courts will accept lousy evaluations, no matter how bad they are.

The site got quoted in this San Diego news video about a family court custody dispute. The mom got put on supervised visitation for kidnapping her kids, and she accuses the dad of abuse. I don't know what to make of these charges. The social worker's complained that the dad bathed his young daughter in a bathing suit. It sounds to me that the dad was anticipating false abuse accusations from the mom.

The site also accuses S.Carolina governor Mark Sanford of abuse because:
Holding a press conference to announce your soul mate is not your wife, but you'd give it the old college try, to try and fall back in love with her is abusive to both your wife and children.
Gov. Sanford's press conference was weird and embarrassing, but why would anyone object to him trying to reconcile with his wife? I think that the web site is abusing the word "abuse". Not everything is abuse.

The site does have some good news story links, and advice like this:
However, if your divorce is not friendly, please read on to learn what your attorney might have failed to mention, such as:

1. Family Court is known as the "Perjury Palace" for a reason. Unfortunately, most don't realize a family court judge is the most invasive form of government most countries have. Family Court judges are quite willing to micro-manage your life, including when, and where you can live, work and parent, for decades.

2. Parental alienation is in epidemic form. ...

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