Monday, July 20, 2009

Evaluator did what ex-wife requested

The really odd part of my ex-wife's motion (see below) is that she keeps complaining that the 2005 report was not court-ordered. Judge Kelly did indeed order this report, and he did it at my ex-wife’s request. Through her lawyer, she presented the court on March 25, 2005 with a list of five names. She argued that the court should order me to be evaluated by one of the five. Judge Kelly ordered it over my objections. Judge Kelly specifically asked that the evaluator provide assurances that things are going well with the kids, and that is exactly what she did. Here is an excerpt from the transcript:
THE COURT: Right, with one of these these people will help me get a sense of you more than I can get from just an hour on the stand or something. These are really skilled people. They're there to help their clients. They're not there to snitch to the Court for returning fees. These people are really good. That's why they're on the list and they will have a sense of you that they can communicate back to me that might give Mother, give me the assurance that we can go right to D and get you guys back on a fifty fifty time line here. So that's what I need to see is something from those therapists, something from a co parent counselor and the counseling classes. And that's the recipe here to for you to get what you would want and for Mother to have what she wants, which is the peace of mind and assurance that things are going well with the kids.
Now she complains that the evaluation was of just me, with no input from her. Of course that is what happened, because that is exactly what she requested. She could have been part of the evaluation if she wanted.

She also complains that I paid for these evaluations. Yes, I paid for all of the evaluations. I even paid for her lawyer. I had to pay because she asked the judge to order me to pay. And now she complains about it!

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