Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Local court loses my check

I got a notice from the local court clerk that my appeal was in default because I never filed a designation of the record with the required payment. I mailed it in three weeks ago, and could not understand it. So I sent the paperwork in again with another check.

Today the clerk tells me that she just got my orginal paperwork and check! She said that it was inexplicably bounced around different court offices for three weeks. Apparently they don't have good procedures for handling appeal paperwork.


Anonymous said...

Found your blog and am in shock. It's hard to believe that you've had your kids taken away over the things you mention - very scary. too bad your judge wasn't my judge who sees nothing wrong with kids being unsupervised with someone who has been convicted of domestic violence, drug possession, larceny, assault, harassment and has a record that fills up 2 pages when printed out. Family court is crazy

Anonymous said...

there's an amazing amount of variance in how custody is handled by family courts. Here in Santa Cruz County it's extremely anti-male. Anything can count as emotional abuse by the local CPS and they have the final say, no appeal or recourse. And the judges just rubberstamp whatever CPS says. On the otherhand, they seem to let slip real quantifiable/qualifiable issues like you point out, witness that horrible case down in Texas with the psychotic mom. The warning signs were all there, and I believe Texas has the same mandated reporter rules as here in CA (eg teachers, doctors, etc). Go figure.