Sunday, December 07, 2008

Prosecutors conceal evidence in child abuse cases

The San Jose Mercury Newspaper has this as its top page 1 story today:
Hospital videotapes may jeopardize child sex abuse convictions

Santa Clara County prosecutors have learned of the existence of an estimated 3,000 videotapes of medical examinations in child sex-abuse cases dating to 1991 that never were provided to defense attorneys — evidence that in many of the cases could provide a basis to challenge convictions.

Prosecutors said the trove of tapes came to light after medical experts hired by two convicted defendants belatedly discovered videotapes in their cases and concluded they contradicted medical findings that sexual abuse had occurred.
If child abuse were really treated as a serious crime, then investigators would document everything. They would record interviews and exams. The tapes could prove innocence as well as guilt. Prosecutors don't like tapes because the current system lets them convict whomever they want.


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Hi, Holy toledo, can you believe this? This should be the biggest news story in the nation. 3000 videotapes of evidence covered-up! I'm speechless. I have so little, if any faith left in this nation. Never thought I would say that either.

Anonymous said...

The problem is these people only see what they wantto see. If they are told ritual satanic abuse exists, then it exists in their mind only - even though no evidence for it exists. Same with child abuse, every woman divorces to "save" their child(ren) from an abusive husband. There is no credibility to that but people in positions of authority believe it. Result? Any evidence to the contrary is discarded or covered up.