Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Court rejects my petition

The California Supreme Court just rejected my writ petition. I am now the only person in history to be punished for quoting the open-court testimony of a govt agent, and the California appellate courts have refused to hear my case.


Anonymous said...

So you will be going to jail?

What if you just finally agreed to pay your wife and children the child support and alimony they are due? Do you think that the judge would back off jail time?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, haven't you been reading this blog? He's going to be sentenced for quoting testimony from open court on his blog, not child support.

Anonymous said...

Right, but if he had been willing to at least meet his ex wife halfway and not refuse to pay anything then they wouldn't even still be in court and he wouldn't be in trouble now would he?

So, in effect, his dodging of just alimony and child support got him in the pickle he's currently in.

Anonymous said...

Had his ex not been a treacherous tramp and broke her marriage vows, he wouldn't be in a pickle. Had child support been set at a reasonable level, he wouldn't be in a pickle. Why should she get any alimony at all? Isn't she qualified to work? No, wait, silly me - she's an empowered woman, though those with sense may term her as a parasite, I certainly would.

I would say offhand that this judge has abused his position and is now trying to intimidate in order to cover it over. Funny how those in high positions never admit they may be at fault.

Anonymous said...

Isn't he paying something like 5k a month plus! Holy toledo what child needs that. Add in the fact that shes an Attorney and has a new Husband (what, can't he support them) and you see just how this whole thing is just a money scam. They lie to our women and tell them they can compete, but they know they can't, so they gotta find gulible people to marry these otherwise undateable people. It's all very sad and our kids end up stupid and lazy while Mom has a Range Rover and just got back from Malta. Meet her halfway on child support LMAO, what a joke!