Tuesday, December 30, 2008

UK woman on NY abuse register

The UK BBC reports:
A mother whose daughters went to an orphanage when she became ill in New York wants her name removed from a US abuse register.

Yvonne Bray from Appledore, Devon was taken to hospital with pneumonia during a post-Christmas shopping trip in New York last December.

Gemma, 16, and Katie, 14, were kept in a children's home for nearly two days.

The US Administration for Children's Services (ACS) has denied there is an ongoing case.

After returning home to Devon, the ACS wrote to Ms Bray saying she was the "subject of a report of suspected child abuse or maltreatment received by the New York State Child Abuse Maltreatment Register".

The letter went on: "This means that you have been identified as the person who is responsible for causing or allowing to be inflicted injury, abuse, or maltreatment to children."

A spokesman for the welfare agency said the letter was a standard legal requirement.
She cares because she cannot be a foster parent in England as long as she is on the abuse register, and there is no way for her to prove her innocence and get off the register.

These abuse registers are really a bad idea. The NY Post also has the story.

I am on the California abuse register myself, and it is because Julie Travers made a bogus complaint against me. There is no due process for getting off the list. Maybe there should be a registry of people who make unfounded accusations.

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