Saturday, December 06, 2008

CPS presents lies in court

When CPS agent Sally Mitchell testified at my child custody trial, she told an assortment of lies about me. So I asked her, in court, whether she had verified any of the accusations with any adult.

She admitted, under oath, that she had only confirmed one accusation. The one thing that she confirmed was that I had been banned from the classrooms at my kids' school. She said that the school had confirmed it.

The allegation was a total lie. I had never been banned from the classrooms. The school principal issued a statement to the court saying that I had just as much right to be in the classrooms as any other parent.

I would include here the exactly quotes where Ms. Mitchell told these lies in court, but Cmr. Irwin Joseph has prohibited me from posting the quotes. He is protecting Ms. Mitchell by abusing his authority as a judge. However he has admitted that he has no power to stop me from describing her testimony here.

Ms. Mitchell is a disgrace. Her investigation should have included trying to determine whether the accusations were true or false. She never even consulted any adults to find out. I guess she decided that it would sound bad if she admitted that she never confirmed anything, so she told a false story in court about the school classrooms. She should be fired.

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