Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where are my free speech rights?

I am wondering whether I am the only one to be convicted of disclosing the evidence presented against me in open court.

CPS agent Sally Mitchell testified in my divorce case. The court was open to the public, and no one said anything about it being confidential. A court-approved summary of her testimony is here. No one said that there was any harm in releasing the testimony, and there was no motion to seal the testimony.

Nevertheless, I was convicted for quoting the testimony. Cmr. Irwin Joseph recited a crazy theory that the CPS testimony had to be secret because CPS agents sometimes testify in juvenile court and juvenile court records are usually kept secret.

I petitioned the appellate court for review under the only procedure available, and my petition was denied. Apparently the appellate court thinks that it is okay that I spend five days in jail for quoting the public testimony of a govt agent in open court.

Do we have free speech rights in this country, or not? If I don't have free speech rights to quote govt testimony against me, what free speech rights do I have? And yet the appellate court has approved of me being punished for quoting testimony against me.

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