Monday, November 10, 2008

Boring money trial today

I just got out of another day in court before Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph. At least I am not in jail.

We were scheduled for a 1:30 trial on money issues, but first we had to sit thru another case with a custody dispute. The mom was there with lawyer, Madeleine Boriss, and the dad's lawyer Traci Pickering was there. They appeared to be recently separated, and fighting over a couple of kids aged 10 and 11 or so.

The mom's lawyer's biggest issue was whether the mom should have to use force to put the kids in the car. She wanted Cmr. Joseph to issue some sort of order allowing the mom to cancel the dad's visitation if she has to use force to put the kids in the car. I would have told her that if she cannot cope with putting the kids in the car, then maybe she should not have custody.

Cmr. Joseph shipped them off to a psychologist for $7,000 to $10,000 child custody evaluation. They had to choose between the three local shrinks. They agreed on Greg Katz. The second choice was Elizabeth Lee, because everyone agreed that Jay Muccilli had a bad reputation for getting evaluations finished in a timely way. I hate to think what those bozos are going to say about how a parent should put a 10-year-old kid into a car.

Then our case was called. It lasted all afternoon. You would think that Cmr. Joseph would be sick of us by now. This was a trial over some money issues. There were no lawyers (other than my ex-wife) and no witnesses.

First, Cmr. Joseph postponed sentencing me. I don't think that he has the nerve to send me to jail. He may never sentence me. I think that he just wants me to know that he has the power to jail me at any time I come to court.

After a couple of hours of boring financial arguments, Cmr. Joseph scheduled a continuation to another trial in a couple of months. There never seems to be any end to any of these issues in family court.

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