Thursday, November 06, 2008

Slandering the accredited professionals

A reader complains about me:
he's deliberately slandering his ex-wife and accredited professionals such as Commissioner Joseph, Bret Johnson and Sally Mitchell. He needs to be in jail as do all men who ...
I am not slandering anyone. I just describe what they say and do in open court. Bret Johnson and Sally Mitchell were served with subpoenas, and asked for their credentials in court. Mr. Johnson's only credential was a self-help book that he wrote on getting gay men out of the closet. He drew on his personal experiences. Ms. Mitchell did not present any credentials. Cmr. Joseph is not even a real judge.

Cmr. Joseph, Mr. Johnson, and Ms. Mitchell have never had any training in child custody recommendation or decisions as far as I know. None of them has ever claimed to have any special expertise, or cited any expert knowledge in the area. Not one of them has quoted any professional literature, or shown any knowledge of any such literature. Not in my case or in any other case that I have witnessed.

Yes, I think that they are all charlatans. Not only are they grossly unfit for the their jobs, they act in ways that I regard as unethical.

But you can make up your own mind. I post what they say and do, and you can decide for yourself. I am temporarily blocked from quoting Ms. Mitchell, because of jail threats from Julie Travers and Cmr. Joseph, but I will put the quotes back up as soon as I can do so legally. They are trying to block the quotes out of their personal vindictiveness, and to cover up their own bad behavior.

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