Thursday, November 20, 2008

Petition to Calif supreme court

I filed a petition with the California Supreme Court today.

I discovered that if I wanted to ask the California Supreme Court to review the lower appellate court's denial of my writ petition, then I only have ten days. The deadline was today, so I drove up to the Supreme Court in San Francisco to file my petition.

The court employs clerks to look for silly reasons to reject a document for some formality. This clerk got out a little pad of paper to list all the deficiencies. For each item, I had to convince her that my petition was acceptable. Sometimes she had to go discuss the matter with her supervisor.

One of her objections was that I was supposed to prove that my filing was within the time limit. Eventually she admitted that she could just check it on the web site herself. So she printed a page, and attached it to my filing.

Then she said that my original was okay, but she needed 13 additional copies. So I pumped a few more quarters in the parking meter, found a copy shop a few blocks away, and made the necessary copies.

I thought that I was all done, and went back to my car to prepare to mail some documents. Then the clerk tracked me down, and was in a panic about another problem! I don't know how she found me. There was some sort of confusion about whether my case was civil or criminal. Her supervisor eventually brought me a black pen and some white-out and insisted that I made some minor changes to my cover page, and to all 13 copies.

I don't know why I couldn't just email my petition to the court. The whole procedure seemed ridiculous.

I am sure that the California Supreme Court rejects the vast majority of these petitions. Currently it is preoccupied with same-sex marriage. It just got reversed by the voters, and it is not used to that. I may not hear anything for months.


Anonymous said...

Why can't you just let go, let your ex wife move on and pay your obligation to your ex and children?

Had you just paid your fair share from the beginning you would actually be ahead if you stop and think about all of the time and money you have sunk into this crusade to avoid paying your obligation.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess if they can't get you to legally remove this blog, people like the above poster will try to discredit it. I guess that informed poster doesn't realize that you can't "just get over it" and "move on" when your insane ex keeps dragging you to court several times every month. Just wish they could post exactly how it is that you are failing to pay your obligation? I probably shouldn't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

His ex just wants what she and her children are due.

IMO a woman with full custody should retain the marital home and receive 1/2 of the marital assets, and 1/2 of the ex husbands pay in alimony and child support.

The children should not have to face leaving the only home they have ever known, changing schools or have their lifestyle reduced nor should the wife.

In nearly every instance it's the husband that has failed to keep his partner happy either thru workaholic behaviour, insensitivity or just getting lazy and being boring.

If a woman put in her time and her husband is a boring lump that does nothing but watch sports and work why should she be penalized for finding love with someone else.

That's a basic human right, to find love. It seems the Angry Dad would give his ex two choices. have true love with the man of her dreams and lose everything or stay with him and be miserable. What a terrible, selfish choice to force on her.

Anonymous said...

The children wouldn't have needed to leave their home if the Court didn't allow Julie custody. She took them from their home and destroyed them due to her selfishness. She failed her Husband and her children. George should have custody. Marriage rates are the lowest they have ever been. People like you are the reason for that. You post no facts, just stupid guesses like "in nearly every instance its the Husband who has failed to keep his partner happy". You're a Feminazi idiot and Women in this country are getting ready to get a harsh lesson as the State can no longer spoon feed them.

P.S. how dare a Man work long hours to provide for his family. Sigh, if he worked too little he would be lazy, right. Don't get married boys, it ain't worth it.

Anonymous said...

This is how Women really think guys. They teach each other this behavior. You think your girl is different, wrong. She is being trained everyday to be like Julie. They hate Men and teach our Women that it's ok to destroy them in the never-ending quest to find happiness (which is impossible when you are that selfish). This is their mentality.

men = Bad
women = good

Get married and the instant they get "bored" they can split. Now you gotta fork over everything to them. Women wanted equality, I say we give it to them. But deep down, all women know they can't compete. Protect yourself guys. George already made his mistake and he knows this. But many others out there can learn from him and choose not to get into a legal agreement with the State in which you have zero rights. In fact, even convicted felons have more rights that a guy getting divorced. Is this what you wanna look forward to when you "work too hard" or become 'boring". Take a trip overseas boys and find out what REAL women are like. You won't ever see our Women in the same way again. I promise.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like most of you are either secretly gay or unable to attract a woman and have to resort to buying a slave/wife from a third world country.

Too bad once your slave is exposed to others than yourself and sees what a real man looks and acts like she will leave you too! LOL.

You men have to wake up and face the fact that us women have woklen up. We demand to be treated like a queen, deserve no less and will settle for nothing less. This isn't the 1950's anymore and we are not your property!

Anonymous said...

Where does one even begin with that nonsense above? Oh Brother, it's Miss, it's not the 50's anymore back to shame us all again. Sigh, perhaps we are Gay. Are you a Homophobe? Women are quick to make a gay friend, but are even quicker to label a man who doesn't follow their ways one. Sounds pretty sexist if you ask me.

Feminism 101. If you can't debate, discredit. So by saying Women aren't property anymore than you would agree that they should only get what they brought into a Marriage should someone file for Divorce? Should a Women not be entitled to a Man's pension after 10 years of marriage? I mean afterall, shes not property and we certainly wouldn't want anyone to not be an equal, right?

I never mentioned anything about marrying (basically buying) a women in a third world country. I mearly stated how superior they are to your kind and that a little trip overseas would enlighten so many Men out there. This is what you ladies wanted. This disaster was created by you. The sad thing is is that ultimately, Women suffer the most. The taking the Man for everything he's got, don't let them leave the country, don't allow them to marry outside the US agenda only hurts US women in the end. They are all miserable, hooked on prescription drugs (which male doctors are more than happy to prescribe), obese, self-entitled, and suicidal. Why? Because they tried to play God, that's why. The worst thing is that out generation of Mothers got to witness what happened to their daughters when they went to Uncle ted's summer camp junior college and took way too many women studies courses. Theirs hope though, the ones that happen to stay fit can always be in porn.

It ain't women who have woken up sweetheart. It's Men. All those pathetic he won't commit articles you pigs try to shame us with arne't working anymore. Men aren't buying what you "queens" are selling. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy playing World of Warcraft and living in mom and dad's basement while you wonder why you can't lose your virginity LOL.

There are men and there are boys. I'm interested in men only. Most of the posters here are most assuredly boys. Men step up, boys cry, whine, avoid responsibility and make excuses.

Anonymous said...

Keep on with the shaming language lady. You have showed your hand over and over again. It's not about what's right or wrong. It's about destroying children because you have penis envy. Freud was right. Women hate being women. Honestly, I just hate Marxist/Feminist. As far as the guys go, I feel for them, but I also realize they are suckers. More than enough Men have tried to warn them, but they knew better, so they thought. You've covered all the bases.
Live in Mom's basement = check
World of Warcraft (geek) = check
Must be gay = check
Can't get laid = check

These are the tactics Women use to keep Men being suckers. It's up to you to see thru these lies and decide for yourself what your standards are. If you wanna bust your tail for 20 years only to wind up as an undersexed, broke, desperate ex who can't see his children then listen to the above poster.

As for me. Me and my buddy are going to Mexico this weekend and in Mid-December we are going to the Phillipines (might even rent a permanent property). Anyone wanna take a guess at what we are gonna do there? I'll give you a hint, it ain't gonna be us getting shamed, robbed, and abused in a Stalinesque debtors prison (Divorce Court). Hell, I don't even worry about my looks anymore when I go to Rocky Point. The women there just throw themselves on a gringo regardless. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Jeez, you really are a wack job! Hate being a woman? Want to destroy kids? where do you come up with this stuff? I just refuse to date or marry loser guys and encourage other women to refuse to.

Anonymous said...

And what do your standards of who you would date have anything to do with a guy who can't see his kids? This blog isn't about relationships and how to win over that someone special. It's about being able to see your children. Now that really is a "God given right". Over 70% of divorced Mothers have admitted to keeping their children away from the Fathert just out of spite. I'd say it's that gender that "just needs to let it go". Wouldn't you agree sweetie?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how it goes in the US, but in the UK women divorce for pretty much the same reasons and fight to keep the children regardless. The lazy bitches over here need never work again and can deny visitation rights with impunity. It's the reasons for divorce that astonish me - "I fell out of love", "I met someone else" are fairly typical responses. Surprisingly, very few complain of domestic violence (though I'm sure that does occur). Not that I care, once I learn they divorced because they were bored, I dump them when I get bored of them. Does this seem unkind? I feel really sorry for the kids though. It sounds like this Julie is a real bitch and it's only when her kids are older they will discover that. Joint custody would have given the kids a true choice as they mature as well as balance in their lives.
Anyway, hope it goes well for you.

Anonymous said...

The thing that doesn't seem fair/right is when a married woman has an affair, leaves her husband, lives with the new boyfriend out of wed-lock with the children sleeping over, marries the man that she left her husband for after having an affair, demands full custody of the children without any visits from the father, even if supervised, and then STILL wants the ex to pay more than basic child support..... Why doesn't the new husband bare any financial responsibility obligation for his new wife and his step children who live with him full time. Seems like the new husband should gladly support his family without forcing more monthly supplements from the ex who has suffered such loss cruel behavior - first having a wife cheat on him, then leave him, then drag him into court over and over again to get more more more money and the children full time without any visitation rights. Seems so unfair to demand a father to pay for children that he is forbidden to visit unless there was some undisputed damaging abuse taking place on his part that got the children removed. Why can't "Julie" be happy with her new husband, his home that he provides her, his income and hard work - why must she feel obligated for more from "george"? - Hasn't she caused enough pain and suffering? She seems way more cruel and conniving and unsatisfied than "George" could ever be. Poor new husband with such a nut case. I bet he must be so sick of all this by now - poor guy - can't she just trust that he can provide for her and her kids? Now that's the most demasculating thing of all - not trusting the new guy to provide - spending so many family hours going after more from "George". I don't like any system that rewards a woman having an affair and leaving a marriage and taking the children with some sort of monetary advantage. If "George" was abusive, then being rid of him and moving on should be enough. If not, then it's just plain mean and not right.

Anonymous said...

"You men have to wake up and face the fact that us women have woklen (sic) up. We demand to be treated like a queen, deserve no less and will settle for nothing less."

Treat the man you are with like a king, and I'll agree you deserve to be treated like a queen. Treat your man like a dog, however, and I'll applaud him treating you like a bitch.

Funny how that works.

Anonymous said...

We have woken up. Marriage rates between American Men and foreign Women skyrocket and rates between Men and women in America have plummeted. Funny how that works?