Sunday, November 23, 2008

Supreme court issues

Here are the issues I presented to the California Supreme Court:
May a Superior (Family) Court apply juvenile court procedures to restrict access to evidence, when there is no showing of any necessity for confidentiality? May the Court then jail someone for violating those procedures?

After evidence has been presented in open court with members of the public present, may a Superior (Family) Court seal that evidence and order that it cannot be shown to my lawyer, used by my rebuttal witness, quoted on my blog, or posted on a web site supporting my appeal? Can I be found in contempt of court for publicly rebutting the evidence that was presented publicly against me?

May a Superior (Family) Court delegate child visitation and supervision decision-making to a psychologist after a custody trial? May the Court then deny visitation to a parent when no psychologist is willing to take such a role?

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