Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More papers from ex-wife

I just got another batch of documents from my ex-wife. They are mostly boring financial papers. At least she has finally written down a legal theory for her position at the trial next Monday. The essence is that she wants my house because of some sort of breach of my fiduciary duty while I was building it ten years ago.

She sue for divorce five years ago. I think that it is a little late to be making these claims. The claims have no merit. Monday's trial should extinguish these claims once and for all.

I hope so, anyway. She ends her brief by saying that she requests the Court to reserve jurisdiction for more property issues that she might want to raise in the future. Sigh. There does not seem to be any end to her claims. We have had five years of court battles already, and no end is in sight.

A reader asked how it was that court issues were still pending when we got divorced so long ago, and was frustrated by my inability to give him a good answer. There is no good reason for a divorce case to last so long. It appears that the family court judges are willing to entertain demands from my ex-wife for as long as she wants to submit complaints about me. I don't know why.


BusyHandz said...

Dear George:

My ex hauled me into court in Santa Cruz almost continuously between 2000 and 2007, when I "finally" won a change of venue.

Cmr. Joseph presided over the last 2 years of it. You need to be thankful, tho, that you aren't litigating where my case transferred to, tho, because where I am now is MUCH WORSE (if you can imagine that).

What I have learned is that anything and everthing can be relitigated forever til your kids are grown.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for your exes new husband.... If I was him, I would be insulted that she doesn't have enough faith/trust in HIM to support her and the girls, and that she wastes so much valuble time trying to get more from YOU rather than forming a partnership with HIM. One can only imagine how many hours of family time she wastes writing up these pages and pages of papers and how many hours of family time she wastes having to go to court over and over again - enough! Why can't she just move on and be happy with her new husband, her new house (his house), her new family - why is she so seemingly invested in not letting you go?....... Time for everyone to move on, heal, live life kindly and with joy.