Sunday, September 21, 2008

Appeal court ready for oral argument

I just got this from the appeals court:
The court has reviewed the records and briefs in the above-entitled case. If oral argument is desired by any party, a written request for oral argument must be filed with the clerk of the court and a copy thereof served upon all other interested parties, within ten days from the date of this notice. A "Request for Oral Argument" form is provided for your convenience. The case will then be placed upon the calendar of this court for oral argument.
I will be requesting oral argument. I would bring my kids, if I could. These judges should see who is being affected by their ruling.
In order to avoid unnecessary expenditure of court time in the determination of this appeal, counsel are requested to advise the court immediately if settlement negotiations are in progress or if any other action will be taken which might result in the request for dismissal of the appeal.
That's a laugh. My ex-wife has a scorched earth policy, and is unwilling to settle anything.

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