Monday, September 22, 2008

Junk Justice Joseph doubles my ordered payments

I just got out of family court before Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph again. This time my ex-wife was asking for increased child support because she has the kids all the time. I argued that the only reason she has them all the time is because she has disobeyed court orders and refused to let me visit my kids. There is a hearing on her refusal to obey the court order scheduled for Oct. 8.

I pointed out that the Jan. 11 child support order is currently being contested on appeal, and that he has no jurisdiction to hear an issue that is before the appeal court. Cmr Joseph conceded that was correct, but said that he could change the support orders based on a significant change in circumstances. I pointed out that there has been no such change since his Jan. 11 order. He said that I was wrong, and that the change was that I have not visited the kids.

He also granted my ex-wife's request to perpetuate the mortgage deviation. That is where I pay her an extra $1062 per month because I do not have a mortgage on my house. I reminded him that I reversed him on appeal once on that issue, and a second reversal is pending. He said he was making his order contingent on that second appeal, so that if he is wrong, I do not have to get him reversed on appeal a third time.

My ex-wife also tried to get extra money for private school and dance lessons, but that is already included in the child support I am already paying.


Unknown said...

Unbelievable! We live in just a country with the most absurdly dysfunctional court system!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried taking this case to the local newspaper? City council? California Supreme court?? It appears that Judge Joseph is doing his best to punish you for this blog and perhaps how he perceives your attitude in court - this is an unethical abuse of his power - and he should be relieved of his duties while being investigated. I encourage you to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT and not let your ex get away with such "extorsion". Why should you have to pay for her to steal your kids away, and to help support her new family and husband? This doesn't make sense!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your ex agreed to a settlement based on untruths. Now she has discovered you were hiding something financially and she is challenging the settlement? You've never mentioned spousal support. I assume she never asked for it - which is either honorable or foolish. How many years were you together? She has the children full time until you can manage to pull together the psych recommendations and hire a monitor for supervised visits. So, she is asking you to put out more financially since she has the children full time waiting for you. Big deal.

You're the guy who boiled a frog in front of your 2 young girls. (Read the blog, people). Figure it out, you've got issues.

George said...

No, my ex has not discovered any untruths. I told her the truth. I also paid her spousal support from the time of separation until she decided to get remarried. She is the one who is refusing to follow the psychologist recommendations. I will post more when the court hears that issue in a week or so.

Anonymous said...