Thursday, September 04, 2008

Comment to state court task force

I just sent this email:
I am pleased to learn that the Elkins Task Force is considering measures to promote fairness in California family courts. Perhaps I can assist you by telling you my personal horror story.

The Santa Cruz family court took my kids away in an ex parte motion last fall, while a CPS investigation was pending. The CPS social worker never recommended any court action, and did not confirm any act of abuse or neglect. CPS released a non-confidential report on the matter to me and the court.

I eventually got a hearing before Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph, and I presented an expert witness to rebut the testimony against me. But Comm. Joseph dismissed my witness because he said that she had no authorization to read the CPS report. He even claimed that I was not allowed to show the report to my own attorney.

That was in Jan. 2008, and Comm. Joseph has still not allowed me to see my kids. I am appealing his decision and you can read all the details at:

Are you accepting public comment on your proposals? Please tell me how others can comment on your draft proposals and contribute to your goals.
I will post any response I get.

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