Thursday, September 11, 2008

Actor describes parental alienation

The New Yorker mag profiles Alec Baldwin:
Some mental-health professionals employ the term Parental Alienation Syndrome to describe a condition in children damaged by one parent’s propaganda about the other. (It’s not formally recognized as a psychiatric disorder.) But “parental alienation” is also used in a looser, less clinical way -— as Baldwin uses it -— to refer to the mere daily flow of parental undermining. “Parental alienation is about people who narcissistically project their whole reality onto a child: ‘I don’t need you, so the child doesn’t need you,’ ” he said. “And what you ultimately realize is the clock that they’ve been running out is childhood itself. The kid goes from five to six to eight. Kids have school, they have friends; the next thing—my daughter is twelve. They have no use for either of their parents when they’re twelve. And you’ve missed everything. You’ve gotten only these little time-lapse things. The goal of the alienating parent is to kill contiguous time. People need reliability. They need regularity. And I’ve been a victim of a campaign to kill all that. You wind up being more an uncle than a father.” Sometimes, in order to have lunch with Ireland, Baldwin flew to California in the morning and flew back overnight, to be at a rehearsal the next day.
You sometimes hear anti-father lobbyists claim that Parental Alienation Syndrome does not exist. The psychologists are currently debating whether to designate it as an official disorder. But whether or not it should be called a disorder, there is no doubt that parental alienation exists, and is very destructive.


amanwhocares said...

Indeed, before there was a name for tuberculosis or syphllis or even HIV, people were dying from the effects of these diseases.

My story is s sordid one because I had some of the most powerful against me to return my daughter to her mother. Beware of such organizations. Among them are the one that directly affect us, Justice for Children, Randy Burton FOunder, Houston, Texas. They also have offices in Phoenix, Az., Michigan, D.C. For me they used the Fulbright and Jaworski, Llp. Fulbright grossed $355 million in the year they took my precious daughter from me. They gave thier free 'help' to her mother. Her mother was out committing three felonies while she got that help. Others to be very aware of are the Stop Family Violence Group, Courageous Kids Group, The Leadership Council,Legal Momentum, an adjunct of N.O.W., and such people as Richard Ducote, Eli Newberger.

Check my facts by perusing the May 2, 2007 of the Houston Chronicle business section where Alene Levy an attorney for Haynes and Boone,Llp (another huge Houston Law Firm) was being interviewed to go to work for Justice For Children. She claimed that if a mother says a father is sexually abusing the kids, he is. And then she said that this father will claim parental alienation ( osmeting Justice for Children and these groups reject as to existence)in order to get the kids in a custody war.

I dont have to ask myself today if Parental Alienation exists. My daughter now 22 years of age still cannot reconnect with me after being cut off from me for the pat sixteen years! Also, she dropped out of high school and made a baby. Read aDult Children of Parental Alienation, by Amy J. L Baker and Check

Robert Gartner
Houston, Texas

Unknown said...


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