Monday, September 15, 2008

Another money trial with nothing decided

We had another trial before Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph today. This concerns how I paid certain bills ten years ago. That's right, ten years ago. We've been in divorce court for five years, and the court is still listening to my ex-wife's complaints about things from ten years ago.

We started off on a bad foot when I presented a trial brief with this:
Cmr Joseph should disqualify himself Commissioner Irwin Joseph wrote an Aug. 28 letter that said that he has collected out-of-court hearsay on matters that were not under dispute in this case, and that he has acted on that hearsay to encourage court actions against me. He has acted like a prosecutor, not a judge. I contend that he is prejudiced against me, and should disqualify himself.
Cmr Joseph claimed to not understand it, and asked me to explain. Then he claimed that what I said was false. He denied passing on any information about my website.

I pointed that that he admitted doing exactly that in his letter. Then he claimed that he had an obligation to do it! He refused to disqualify himself.

I really don't see how a judge could have an obligation to pass on hearsay in order to provoke a legal dispute.

We were sworn in for the trial. There were no other witnesses. My ex-wife went into a rambling monologue about how she did not know that I was earning money during our marriage, and that I should be financially penalized for withholding this info.

Never mind that she signed a marital settlement agreement in 2003 and it was upheld in 2006. There seems to be no limit to the willingness of Junk Justice Joseph to re-litigate old issues.

Cmr Joseph ended up saying that he would have another trial on the subject on Nov. 10. There are two motions scheduled for next month, and he agreed to consolidate them on Oct. 8. Julie had submitted a letter to him about one of those motions, and I gave him a response letter today. He complained about that. He said that the clerks put the letters on the left side of the file instead of the right side where the pleadings belong.

We ended with my ex-wife saying that we also have a hearing next week for her request for increased child support. He said that he would be happy to do that.

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Unknown said...

You have got to be freakin' kidding me! This is absurd!