Sunday, August 10, 2008

The lawyers are bluffing

I got three letters from lawyers demanding that I take CPS allegations off my web site. I responded to all three, but I have not heard any more yet.

A reader argues that the lawyers are bluffing. The reason is that they ended with "Cc: Santa Cruz County Superior Court". It is improper and silly to just send a complaint letter to the court. Courts act on lawsuits and motions, but not just random letters that do not even ask the court to do anything.

If they really had a cause of action, they would say so. By just threatening to send a meaningless letter to a court office that cannot legally do anything with the letter, they are essentially admitting that they will do anything substantial. They are just hoping that a non-lawyer like myself will be intimidated by a letter on legal stationary with a bunch of phony legal arguments.

If the Santa Cruz court clerks were doing their jobs properly, they would not even accept such letters. I am told that other courts reject such letters.

It will be interesting to see whether the three lawyers even bother to answer my responses. If they don't, then I will know for sure that they were making empty threats, and I can leave the CPS allegations on the web site.

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