Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Democrats blame fathers

Mike McCormick and Glenn Sacks write:
If the Democratic Party is interested in garnering men’s votes, one certainly would not know it from their platform. The Democratic National Committee’s "Renewing America's Promise" is bad news for American fathers.

The platform’s "Fatherhood" plank puts all blame for father absence squarely on men, and promises to "crack down" on fathers who are behind on their child support. It also promises to ratchet up draconian domestic violence laws which often victimize innocent men and separate them from their children.
It was for putting down black fathers that Jesse Jackson said that he wanted to cut Barack Obama's nuts off and called him the N-word.

Yes, there are a lot of single mothers in the black community, but why just blame the men? It is the women who are getting themselves pregnant outside of marriage, and trying to raise a kid without a man. It is the law that limits fathers from being more involved in their kids' lives. And the welfare and child support laws that pay mothers to stay singe.


Anonymous said...

Take a breather, George. The "liberal" bashing and woman-hating rhetoric has worn thin. These are weak efforts to shield your own ego from the harsh realization that you are not a success. Your anger and frustration would be better channeled in ways that actually contribute to your own well-being, rather than adding to the workload of the courts. You do realize that not only your personal income, but also everyone else's tax dollars are paying for your personal jihad?

You have been writing for years now about how everyone ever involved in your case - in fact, in any custody battle where a mother gets any allowance from the court - is stupid, evil, part of a vast liberal conspiracy, or all three. Haven't you realized after all this time that your opinions are relegated to a blog? "Angry Dad Blog". Is that a phrase that accompanies a mature discussion of ideals and opinions?

You need to take a step back from this and re-evaluate your stance.

Anonymous said...

Please don't take a breather. This is only wearing thin to the people who would benefit from you being silent. Anonymous is trying to tear you down; you can stand. You've proven that. And those are my tax dollars paying for the operation of the courts, and you are welcome to their use. Any legitimate use of those courts is only to this nation's benefit.

You have made a compelling point about the behavior of the courts, the mother, the psychologists, etc. and have backed it up with quotes from actual documents. Anonymous is making an ad hominem attack, and it's petty.

Please keep it up. Do, indeed, re-evaluate your stance, as that is good to do periodically. I hope that when you re-evaluate it, you come to the same conclusion: Injustice should be exposed to the light of day.