Thursday, August 07, 2008

County lawyer tries to intervene

I just got a threatening letter from Shannon M. Sullivan, Asst Santa Cruz County Counsel:
The office of the County Counsel represents the Human Services Department's Family & Children's Services Division, colloquially known as CPS. ...

In sum, you have violated your children's right to privacy; your posting of the testimony of an FCS Social Worker and a copy of her Investigative Narrative on your website, is in violation of Welfare and Institutions Code sections 827 and 10850; your publication of the Social Worker's testimony and HSD/FCS' Investigative Narrative contrary to direct orders of the trial court, of which you were apprised, could very well be considered by the court as contempt.

In the strongest manner possible, on behalf of HSD/FCS and indirectly, on behalf of your children, this office demands that you remove the Social Worker testimony and Investigative Narrative from your website. Consider this also a demand that you refrain from releasing any FCS related documents to anyone who does not have a statutory right to review the documents without a court order in the future.
Haven't these folks ever heard of free speech? She seems to be saying that I need some sort of court order before I can tell my story on a website.

I have a right to tell my story. I am trying to comply with the laws and regulations as best as I can, but there must be some way for me to tell my story.

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