Saturday, August 23, 2008

Law proposed to shelter and limit child custody evaluators

Glenn Sacks writes:
There are many competent mental health professionals who are now refusing to do child custody evaluations because they are getting sued afterwards by one of the parties. I know of a case here in California where a psychologist is having his career destroyed because an alienating mother is suing him for his custody recommendation.
He says that California is considering AB 612 to shelter the shrinks from private lawsuits. The proposed law also prohibits evaluators from using nonscientific labels.

I really don't see why child custody evaluators should be sheltered from lawsuits any more than physicians, lawyers, and others. I think that more should be done to hold these charlatans accountable for the damage they cause. The big problem is that none of these evaluators follow ethical standards. Not the ones in Santa Cruz county, anyway.


Anonymous said...

It seems that the law is designed precisely to prevent parental alienation (PAS, a controversial concept in the profession) from being taken into account.
The law would make it easier for parents to alienate their children. Ironically, this is about an alienating parent not being happy with an evaluation!

Anonymous said...

Any time there's a confidential evaluation, the truth becomes lost.

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