Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My wife's legal bills

I just got a financial statement from Jennifer J. Gray, my wife's lawyer. She wants payment of $37,994.53 in legal fees. So far, Gray has been paid $15,115.05. $6,500 came directly from me, and thousands more came indirectly from me. The case has also been financed by $12,500 in loans from Tony Eberwein.

It is baffling how she has the nerve to ask for so much money. My wife is a lawyer herself, and had no need for a lawyer. Her lawyer has not written any legal briefs, done any legal research, or done any significant amount of legal work. She appears to be a lesbian who knows nothing about marriage or children.

Gray has engaged in various dishonest tactics to take advantage of the court's biases. She has also sabotaged all settlement efforts and pushed for actions causing maximum harm to the kids in order to put pressure on me. There is nothing good about anything that she has done. Even the kids understand that she is an evil person.

Gray did not handle the initial divorce filing, or our marital settlement agreement. All she did was to file one motion for "sole legal custody" of our 2 kids. That motion is still pending. The judge has said that there is no chance that my wife will get sole legal custody, but other issues remain. It seems to me that a lawyer should actually have to win a motion before having a chance to collect legal fees. And a lawyer should not run up a $38,000 bill for one lousy motion.

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George said...

I was ordered to pay about $7,000 in legal fees, and I paid them. I am worried that I will soon be ordered to pay a lot more. No, I cannot figure out any good reason to pay her legal fees.

The only fees I paid voluntarily were for my wife to get legal advice on our marital settlement agreement. She got legal advice and signed. That agreement was for 50-50 custody, and unfortunately she has broken it.