Friday, May 06, 2005

Florida may change alimony law

John sends this AP story:
When the ex moves in with someone else, alimony could end

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- For every person who has wondered why he - or she - still has to send an alimony check to a former spouse who is living with someone else, the Florida Legislature is here to help.

Judges could reduce or cut off that alimony under a bill the House passed Wednesday after debate that touched on the heartache of love gone bad, people who shack up for convenience, and an assertion that "some people do still believe in love."
It sounds like me favored the law, and women opposed it. I feminists have become the advocates for a woman living in sin with one man, while being dependent on another.

My wife sleeps over with her boyfriend about twice a week, according to the kids. I'm not sure if the kids sleep on the couch or the floor or what. I really don't think I should be paying her alimony in order to support her adultery. Her main argument for the alimony was the high rent for her apartment, but it appears that she doesn't even want to live there anyway.


Anonymous said...

I am a father who agreed to pay my ex $1200.00 a month on alimony alone so she could keep tyhe house that I quit claim for her and my kids. After a year of our divorce she moved her girfriend to the house and then I found out that she was not paying the house leaving my son and daughter without a home to live. Later on 2003 the house was forclosed and I was still giving her the money until my my job situation changed. In the mean time I was taking care of my daughter now 20, and put her in college to give her a better future and education. My ex has insulted my daughter and told her that "she was the worse mistake of her life" My daughter has not been the same emotionally ever since. Now my wife is taking me to court again suing me for the money I did not pay her. I do believe us fathers are being treated very unfair by the law on situations like this and the judges do not even want to hear the circunstances of us not been able to pay for alimony. We need to change the law to at least give US a chance to have a future.

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