Friday, May 06, 2005

AB 1307 defeated

Mike wrote yesterday:
The California Assembly reviewed bill AB 1307 yesterday which have awarded equal parenting time in most divorce situations. This morning, I was anxious to find the status of the Assembly review. Unfortanately, the bill was defeated. When I read this news, I wanted to throw up. Opponents of the bill seem to think that any man who would like to have equal time with his child must be a child abuser. I do not see the logic in denying Father's equal parenting time. What possible good can come of this? For two and a half years, I have been tracking this issue. As a result of the defeat of Ab 1307, I will now become involved more deeply in the issue. I'm not really sure how I will do that. Men need to realize that there Rights are being trampled on. Men for the most part of no awareness of this issue until it slaps them in the face. We need to change that.
Sad. The empirical social science evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of equal parenting time. This issue will not go away. Kids just do not get used to their fathers being just visitors.

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