Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Trying to take a parenting class

I called some place called Parents Center because they offered parenting classes. The woman on the phone said that they expected to start a class in a couple of months. Then she asked, "Were you referred to us?"

Based on past experience, I knew to say No. If I say Yes, then they are apt to demand court papers and try to play judge. These places tend to be run by people who get some sort of sick pleasure out of running other people's lives. Then she says:
When you complete the 10-week class, you get a certificate. If you do not need the certificate, then this may not be the best choice for you. Most of people attending this class are referred from the court or from Child Protective Services. You might find a more appropriate class elsewhere.
Translation: This class is punishment. It has no educational value. They prefer students who are ordered to attend, because can be forced to pay up and not complain.

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Cappy said...

George, you are going into this with eyes wide open. Keep your head up and your mouth shut around these people. These professional thugs are NOT the court.