Sunday, May 15, 2005

My wife is in Las Vegas

I was about to take my kids back to my wife's apartment, when my kids told me that she had gone to Las Vegas with her boyfriend for the weekend, and would not come back until Monday evening. A teenaged babysitter named Michaela is going to put them to bed tonight, and take them to and from school tomorrow.

I called Michaela and asked her to come pick up the kids. I guess she can make the easy trip to my house if she can drive the kids on the highway during rush hour. Besides, it is tough to drive with a broken leg.

I still don't see why the kids are left with a teenaged babysitter that they don't even like, when they could just stay with me.

The kids said that the boyfriend was waiting for my wife to get out of court on Friday, because they wanted to immediately leave for Las Vegas. I trust that they weren't actually planning to get married in Las Vegas, as no one has given me the proof-of-service to sign to make the divorce official.


Meg said...


It is absolutely ridiculous that you have to turn your children over to a babysitter - especially one who will be watching them overnight and sending them to school. Not to mention grossly irresponsible of your wife not to make you aware of this situation - if not highly negligent.

I am not in California - but in my state, first right of refusal is pretty common...

What this means if on your wife's parenting time (and yours as well) something comes up where you personally will not be able to watch, care for the children you have to offer your ex the first opportunity to care for the children during that time. Prior to hiring a babysitter....

Just thought I would pass that along. IMO, there is no reason for the children to be with a sitter when the other parent is willing to care for them - and most of the judges in my county appear to feel the same way.


George said...

Thanks. I have a parenting plan that was dictated by a gay shrink who specializes in getting gay men out of the closet. My 7-year-old child knows more about child-rearing than he does. I have no right of first refusal, and my wife is trying to get the court to order me to pay for her babysitting and day-care expenses.