Monday, October 25, 2004

The ugly facts of father absence

This pro-fathers site supports the Mass. advisory referendum on encouraging shared custody in the courts. It also says:
The ugly facts of father absence

Fatherless homes account for 63% of youth suicides, 90% of homeless/runaway children, 85% of all children with behavioral problems, 71% of high school drop outs, 85% of youths in prison, and well over 50% of teen mothers.

Fatherless boys are 63% more likely to run away and 37% more likely to abuse drugs. Fatherless girls are 2 ½ times as likely to get pregnant and 53% more likely to commit suicide. Both fatherless boys and girls are twice as likely to drop out of high school, twice as likely to end up in jail and nearly 4 times as likely to need help for emotional or behavioral problems. (March 1999 Health and Human Services report)
Some of this fatherlessness is caused by evil policies of the family court that devalue fatherhood and alienate children from their fathers.

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Anonymous said...


Take the time, make the calls. These people below have the ability to make shared physical custody a presumption in the world.

Ask them to get it to the House floor for a Vote. Ask them to support Presumption of Shared Custody, HOUSE BILL 8888.

Make sure you call.....PASS THIS ON, GET INVOLVED. DO IT NOW !!!!!

Or put up with the fact that.. "either" parent can RISK LOOSING THEIR CHILDREN.... call now...

Hon. Dennis M. O'Brien (717) 787-5689
Hon. Glen R. Grell (717) 783-2063
Hon. Craig A. Dally (717) 783-8573
Hon. Stephen R. Maitland (717) 783-5217
Hon. Jerry Birmelin (717) 783-2037
Hon. John R. Evans (717) 772-9940
Hon. William I. Gabig (717) 772-2280
Hon. Matthew Good (717) 783-6433
Hon. Kate Harper (717) 787-2801
Hon. Tim Hennessey (717) 787-3431
Hon. Beverly Mackereth (717) 783-2655
Hon. Mark S. McNaughton (717) 787-1230
Hon. Douglas G. Reichley (717) 787-1000
Hon. Katie True (717) 705-7161
Hon. Mike Turzai (717) 772-9943
Hon. Thomas R. Caltagirone (717) 787-3525
Hon. John E. Pallone (717) 783-1819
Hon. Frank Dermody (717) 787-3566
Hon. Harold James (717) 787-9477
Hon. Kathy M. Manderino (717) 787-1254
Hon. Dan B. Frankel (717) 705-1875
Hon. Michael Gerber (717) 787-9475
Hon. Daylin Leach (717) 783-9114
Hon. Joseph A. Petrarca (717) 787-5142
Hon. Greg S. Vitali (717) 787-7647
Hon. Don Walko (717) 787-5470
Hon. LeAnna M. Washington (717) 783-2175