Friday, October 08, 2004

Having 2 daughters

I have one thing in common with G.W. Bush and John Kerry; we each have 2 daughters. But I figured that I'd be the only one to be quizzed by some goofy shrink about spanking my daughters because I am the one who is in the midst of a contested divorce.

Wrong. I didn't even get asked about spanking because the court-appointed shrinks quizzed the kids directly and were satisfied by the answers. I am not sure exactly what was said, but the court-appointed mediator said my daughter gave an acceptable answer.

But both Kerry and Bush have subjected themselves to silly interviews by that goofball Dr. Phil, and he asked them if they spanked their daughters!

Kerry and Bush sounded as if they had been coached. Yes, they admitted to spanking, and also recited some politically correct nonsense to placate the anti-spanking crowd. Too bad they didn't just tell off Dr. Phil for asking such a silly question.


George said...

Maybe I used the wrong term. My wife filed for the divorce. California has no-fault divorce, so there is nothing I can do to stop the divorce. If she wants a divorce, then she can get one for any reason she has.

But the terms of the divorce are being contested. My wife refuses to finalize the divorce until she gets the money and custody that she wants. When I say "contested divorce", I mean that there is a court dispute over the terms of the divorce.

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