Monday, October 04, 2004

Trying to accuse without rebuttal

My wife just found out that my interview with the court psychologist did not take place on the originally scheduled date. She seemed to think that she should have been notified. Her lawyer sent in a complaint letter. It was the psychologist who rescheduled, because of a court obligation.

I think that the reason that she was annoyed was because of a stunt that she was trying to pull. Right after the date that she thought I had my interview, she got 5 affidavits with accusations against. I guess that she didn't want me to be able to answer the accusations during the interview.

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Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering George...Are you familiar with the term 'Wrongful or Malicious Prosecution?' Or in this case, it should be 'Persecution.'
I only ask, RESPECTFULLY of course, because it seems throughout your articles, that she is engaging in one of the most common of courtroom as much shit as humanly possible, to see what sticks.
You've held up very well under the circumstances but your ex seems all too comfortable with her despicable tactics. And it seems to me that this kind of bullshit is never going to stop until you consider a more pre-emptive strike of your own.

And by the way...what the hell do you suppose she is hoping to gain by pulling all these stunts? There has to be a goal behind this bullshit...

Whatever you do though, DON'T lose your cool in these matters. I suspect that she is trying to incite you into outrage, but there still must be some prize at the end of this shitstorm she keeps whipping up...