Thursday, October 14, 2004

Interrogatories and subpoenas

My wife's lawyer just bombarded me with 20 interrogatories, and 8 pages of subpoenas. I don't know why she is going down this route. A year ago we signed a marital settlement agreement with the following clause:
XIV. DISCLOSURES: Each party has made a full and honest disclosure to the other of all current finances and assets, and each enters into this agreement in reliance thereon. Each warrants to the other and declares under penalty of perjury that the assets and liabilities divided in this agreement constitute all of their community assets and liabilities.
Some of the requests are a little wacky. Eg, here is one request:
22. Membership cards or documents identifying participation rights in any country clubs, key clubs, private clubs, associations, or fraternal group organizations during the last year of the marriage, together with all monthly statements.
I don't know what this is about. Does she want to join my health club? I don't even belong to any clubs.

She is opening a can of worms with this one:
15. Claims of Reimbursement. Do you claim the legal right to be reimbursed for any expenditures of your separate or community property? If your answer is yes, state all supporting facts.
I wasn't going to make an issue out of it, but I paid her $80,000 debt from her law school student loans. I paid it with my separate (pre-marital) property. I was just going to write it off as a loss. But now, this interrogatory pretty much forces me to make an issue out of it.

Now I know what you are thinking -- how could I be so foolish? If I paid for her to become a slimy shark lawyer, then why should I be so surprised when she turns on me after becoming a slimy shark lawyer? I don't know what to say. Yes, I thought that she was different. I am trying to learn from my mistakes.


Masculiste said...

You've GOT to have something she wants. Liquid assets like cash in savings, or an annuity, or maybe an excellent retirement or benefit package at work. Honestly...all this bullshit has to be going someplace. Otherwise it's just malicious judicial harassment. Find out EXACTLY what it is she wants, and you'll have the answer to what all this posturing is about.

And if she's got a lawyer, you can believe it's he or she who is pulling the strings. You see...working men have just enough money to take...but not quite enough to put up a decent defense. that's the beauty of the gaff.

George said...

Oh, I have money that she wants. Enough that I am paying her legal fees, so I guess she has nothing to lose by having a protracted legal battle.

Masculiste said...

Then it would be in your interest to petition for the fast-tracking of a hearing on property issues and equitable distribution. Take the very facts that you've just cited before the judge and object to paying her legal fees. You can say that it's causing you undue hardship and placing you at a severe disadvantage.
I know what you're's a waste of time...the judge is corrupt and will never see things your way...and that may be true. But you've GOT to have these facts on the record. That way, you can appeal on these very issues. But you can't appeal what's not FORMALLY on the record. Just think about it...

George said...

Thanks. Yes, you're right. I am just more worried about the custody issue right now. I am expecting the report from the court-appointed psychologist any day now.

Masculiste said...

Well from one dad to another, my prayers are with you. Goodluck. It would be great to hear some good news from at least one guy out here...