Friday, September 24, 2004

Court psychologist reviews hair brushing practices

I just got out of a 1-hour interview with a court psychologist. I paid $1600 for a court-ordered full investigation. He talks to me for an hour, my wife for an hour, the kids for about 20 minutes each, reads some paperwork, and he writes a report that determines my life.

We wasted a bunch of time talking about the kids' hair. My wife says that I do not brush their hair adequately. I usually let the kids brush their own hair, but the psychologist said that wasn't good enough. Then he started critiquing how I brush my own hair!

The kids have hair down to their waist. Yes, it can be troublesome to brush hair that long. But considering all the huge problems associated with divorce and custody disputes, it is astounding to me that we would even spend 10 seconds discussing hair brushing. It would be much simpler to just give the kids haircuts, and the problem would disappear.

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Anonymous said...

$1600 for a douchebag to tell you that you're not brushing you kid's hair adequately?


Ugh, I feel your pain man. That's so absurd!!