Thursday, September 16, 2004

Silly domestic violence charge

Here is another domestic violence complaint from my wife. She is quite athletic, and was able to drive a car, play soccer, and take care of the kids with a broken finger. But when I suggested making love, it was domestic violence! She wrote this to the court, in support of domestic violence allegations:
Another time, last June, I broke my finger. Less than 24 hours after I broke my finger, George is insisting upon sex. I told him that sex to me was an emotional experience, and it is hard to not think about the pain in my finger, and have sex with him. He told me that I was about emotional as a banana slug, and asked me which child I wanted to take when we got divorced.
If I had a broken finger, then I'd be happy about my wife wanting to make love to me. She was acting like a woman who wanted a divorce.


Masculiste said...

Good Luck George...Your ex is now engaged in a campaign of 'passive allegations' of intolerable cruelty. These accusations that your aware of, don't even begin to match the allegations that your ex's attorney is making in his "EX PARTE" communications with the judge. But you won't be able to refute or impeach those allegations because the need to prove them by her, or impeach them by you, is not a requirement in a no fault divorce. You will be punished for them nevertheless because the seed of those alleged bad deeds has already sufficiently been planted in the mind of the judge. The purpose of these allegations, after all, is to paint you as an unfit husband and especially an unfit dad. Once you lose custody of your children your ex will come at you for every single dollar she can wring out of you...even if it seems excessive. More importantly, whatever relationship you have with your kids you can kiss goodbye. Because once the court ruins you financially, they will consider it justice for all the harm you were falsely alleged to have caused...and she will then feel vindicated. At that point, the parental alienation will begin...
Again, goodluck and I truly hope I am wrong about all this and you don't become another statistic like the rest of us.

kidzneeddad2 said...

I couldn't of said it better!