Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The domestic violence formula

I talked to a lawyer today, and asked him about domestic violence allegations. He said that the court is supposed to punish spouse abusers by denying them custody.

What happened to no-fault divorce? What happened to the best interests of the child? Obviously the court does not believe any of the principles that they espouse.

So that explains the formula. Allege domestic violence. Demand custody. Get the big bucks in child support and alimony. Make sure that the father has to work so much that he has no time for the kids. Claim that the mother doesn't need to work because she has to take care of the kids.

So the lawyer asked what the domestic violence allegations are. When I appeared to be embarrassed, he said that he's been a divorce lawyer for 20 years and he has seen it all. So I handed him the 7 pages of domestic violence allegations.

He says, "Where's the domestic violence? There's no domestic violence here. This might help explain why she wanted a divorce, but this should have no bearing on custody."

I hope the court sees it that way.

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