Friday, September 24, 2004

Court psychologist reviews hair brushing practices

I just got out of a 1-hour interview with a court psychologist. I paid $1600 for a court-ordered full investigation. He talks to me for an hour, my wife for an hour, the kids for about 20 minutes each, reads some paperwork, and he writes a report that determines my life.

We wasted a bunch of time talking about the kids' hair. My wife says that I do not brush their hair adequately. I usually let the kids brush their own hair, but the psychologist said that wasn't good enough. Then he started critiquing how I brush my own hair!

The kids have hair down to their waist. Yes, it can be troublesome to brush hair that long. But considering all the huge problems associated with divorce and custody disputes, it is astounding to me that we would even spend 10 seconds discussing hair brushing. It would be much simpler to just give the kids haircuts, and the problem would disappear.


Masculiste said...

Just a thought. You might want to check out the below site under the "Class Action section on the left hand side," find the coordinator in your state, it's California isn't it? And sign up for this! Yours is a classic case of civil rights violations. Try not to be too skeptical. Look it over thoroughly before you blow it off. It may just be the answer we're all looking for...

To the Coordinators, Men and Women of the Remaining States Who Have Not Yet Filed...

My name is Michael Capanzzi. I reside here in Chicago Illinois. I relocated here from Columbus Ohio, and prior to that, Pittsburgh Pa. That's right...Steeler Country! Which is about the only worthwhile thing I can recall about being from Pittsburgh, save the Pirates and the Penguins...

My case, or I should say, my ordeal began in Pittsburgh but it has followed me all the way here to Chi-Town.

After taking care of my cousin for several years after his debilitating accident and finally his death by suicide, in gratitude, he named me as sole beneficiary in his will. My cousin had no real 'estate' as it were, but he did have a structured settlement that was being paid to him from a workers compensation and personal injury settlement. Well, that's actually TWO structured settlements.

Upon his tragic death, I had to endure a will contest at the hands of my own family. I was accused of "Undue Influence." This is the same family that refused to help their own brother, (son and that's his sister, brother, dad, and aunt who were in on it) with his day-to-day living needs.

His lawyer was the one who contacted me for this very purpose, after they had refused to help him with these needs. I even had to sign a contract to that effect. He had a lawyer, a major bank, and two insurance companies controlling his money.

My cousin Chris suffered from "Organic Brain Syndrome." A portion of his right frontal temporal lobe had to but cut into, in order to relieve the pressure on his brain after he fell some 35-40 feet from the top of a condominium and hit his head on a boom crane on the way down.

Unfortunately, it was the fact that his family had abandoned him, that caused him to commit suicide. Of course they felt no responsibilty for that. However, they DID feel a very strong entitlement to his structured settlements. So, knowing full well that they were full of shit, they went ahead and filed an "Undue Influence" contest. They did this because their attorney convinced them that this way would place me in a position where I would have to prove that I didn't influence my cousin in any way. And considering that I was the only family member who had anything to do with him, how could I effectively prove that? Then they threatened to freeze those funds and deliberately drag the whole issue out indefinately, meaning, for years unless I agreed to some sort of settlement. Because I had a growing family to support, and out of constant judicial and legal pressure, and disgust, I agreed to a settlement with them.

To make a long story short, my wife at the time, was a witness to all of these events. She signed as a witness in the closing of the estate, and the entire matter. And it was those events that prompted her to come at me in divorce court, for the remaining portions of those structured settlements.

In truth, the only reason she ever "formally" married me, was so that someday, she could sue me for divorce, and go after my inheritance. Talk about a heart-breaker...

While we were married, and while I was supporting our family on those monthly payments, she got into her head that I should take a job as a stock broker trainee for the now-defunct "Penn Capital Financial Services" corporation. One of the vice presidents was an old boyfriend of hers, who she frequently turned to for 'moral support' when we would have arguments. Her name is Marie Mambuca and his name was Bruce Batley.

Ironically, when our divorce began, she promptly hooked up with said 'ex' boyfriend. That is...until Penn Capital Financial Services got busted for racketeering and securities fraud. And while I was supporting her and my kids with child support and temporary alimony (they were attaching my inheritance with a wage attachment...even though it's not a wage and she had signed a no attachment agreement to that effect) to which her and her boyfriend benefited, she was also enjoying the fruits of her boyfriend's fraudulent enterprises by constantly partying, and taking my kids on vacation with him to places like Florida, even when it was my time to have my kids. That's right...she was carrying on with him, having him sort of 'try on' the role of dad...yet at the same time, she was using every dirty tactic in the book to delay our divorce until she could get the judge to give her my inheritance.

In other words, she wasn't going to be satisfied with knowing that I would always have a good enough income, whether I was working or not, to pay child support. She wanted my inheritance, or the structured settlements, to be hers, as if she was the newly named beneficiary. Because that's the appearance that was given to the other will contestants. The agreement gave the appearance that they were now named beneficiaries...including their lawyer as well. But that was never what I agreed to...

Knowing full well the audacity of her actions, she would constantly tell me that was none of my fucking business what she does with the kids. Upon sufficiently outraging me into stupid outburts, she would promptly file for a 'Protection From Abuse' order. With no burdon to prove any of the allegations, she was able to get three orders against me, in a three year period, by these same constant tactics.

She is currently somehow able to continue to get an order for a wage attachment against my inheritance even though, on two separate occasions, she formally signed a "Waiver of Attachment" with the courts approval. So, in essense, the court is currently in violation of it's own order. And it's acting as an agent for her, even though she has a law firm on retention.Does this make sense? Of course not.

Because I could not afford a competent lawyer, I was pretty much raped, financially and emotionally.

Then after bankrupting me in Pittsburgh, and forcing me to relocate to Columbus Ohio for better work as a union ironworker, she was able to get the child support division ( without a Judge's Direct Order, mind you ) to further attach my 'actual working wages' along with my inheritance. They say, after this has happened more than 10 tens, that this is just a mistake, a computer glitch...that I'm an unfortunate casualty of an automated system designed to catch deadbeat dads...that the Harrisburg Center for Child-Support Disbursement, or it's fully automated computer system, routinely and without notice, monitors my social security contributions. And, as I work, they automatically issue attachment orders to my employers.

Meaning...they double-attach me. And they can do this whenever they want. I still think it's funny though, how the address is listed as Child Support Enforcement Division, Allegheny County, Pittsburgh Pa. on the return address portion of the court order and the envelope it was sent in, and NOT Harrisburg...

The most outrageous of all, was when I took HER to court for contempt of our custody settlement order. Meaning she deliberately violated the custody agreement we had involving my getting partial PHYSICAL custody of my kids, and joint LEGAL custody.

She excluded me from any involvement with my kids ( I have a 14 year old daughter and a 13 year old autistic son ). when it came to health issues, school issues and etc, and MOST importantly therapy for my autistic son, and ultimately therapy for my daughter as well.

I went to court with a monumental stack of documented evidence of this. Then, by her own admission, she said it herself. In her own words, she felt that I had no right to further involvement because I never saw the kids anyway...which was a bald-faced lie.

Pretty funny huh?! I'm complaining to the court that I'm being denied access to my kids...and she tells one great big lie after another, and has the court believing her...with absolutely NO EVIDENCE other than her own false allegations.

On one occassion, the judge gave her a free-pass after she ADMITTED to forging my signature, so she could rip me off of my portion of our final tax refund. The judge said, "Anybody could make that mistake."

So what do you suppose happened..?

Judge Lawrence J. Kaplan of the Family Division of Allegheny County Court, Pittsburgh Pa, ordered that she be given full legal custody and that I am reduced to visitation. What did I do?

In total shock, I went home, and after some considerable thought, sat in a bath tub full of warm water...and opened up my arteries with a brand new carpet cutter.

At the time I found my cousins body, in my grief, I couldn't fully understand or appreciate what could have driven him to such an act. Now I understood...

I could continue to go on and on about everything that continued to happen, because believe you only got the broad strocks of everything that took place. In truth...I could write a book. I actually have begun writing it in my blog "Masculiste." I get down to the nitty-gritty there. Although I must confess, I have taken a break from it as it does bring back extremely sad memories.

The point is...we ALL have bad memories...stories that tell exactly the same as mine. These stories aren't just told in our own neighborhoods or local courts. They read like a who's-who across the country and around the world. In almost every corner of the globe.

The reason I tell you a little bit of my story is because I want you to know that I am a part of you all. I have, and continue to experience the same painful events that you do. My children, my very life has been stolen from me. Your money and your kids...what could be worse?

As dads, we have been declared useless to our own if we never existed. As though we don't feel the incredible pangs of loss and grief at the sight of our kids being driven a new life...a life without us, every bit as much as a mother, were she put in the same situation.

But are we really out of the picture altogether?

We have the distinction of being fathers for the SOLE purpose of revenue. Where once it was our automatic blessing and responsibility to support the family as a whole... we are now relegated to supporting the fragmented family. We are reduced to financially supporting those that despise us...or were taught to despise us.

For decades now, we as fathers have sat and settled for less. And as I'm sure you are aware, no matter how little we're willing to settle for to avoid needless conflict, they always take more. Always. And this will never end. As long as we stay silent...

But here and now, we have a chance to speak. Where once our individual voices of despair were snuffed...our collective "voice" can, and will win the day. But we have to act. We have to act NOW and we have to act TOGETHER!

We need to get our collective voice together and get those cases filed. Whatever problems the remaining states have, contact another coordinator, or hell...CONTACT ME! Whatever problem or delay...we can and we will work with you. But you can't lose heart...not now.

Allot of good people have labored extaordinarily hard to put this action together. We have the best chance to be heard NOW! If we fall flat on this, we may never be taken seriously again. As hard as this was on me, I would never want to see my son or daughter facing the same would kill me...if I didn't already kill myself.

I am sharing this story with you to let you know that while I'm just a little guy...a pee-on...I'm still willing to do whatever it takes to get this suit out and get our collective story told. And I beg you to do the same. If there is any assistance I can give to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, if I have the power to do it, I will do so.

I have even gone so far as to offer my case as an example of how the system fails, for entry into the litigation process...if it gets to that point.

But in order to ensure that it does, we've got to get the remaining states filed. The work's all been done for it's our turn to take the ball and run with it.

I hope my pleas don't fall on deaf ears. We're fighting for our lives as working class citizens all over the world. Most importantly, we are fighting for our children's lives...for the right to give them a better life and a better future. We can't stop now. We can't can be done. This is our chance...this is our time. Nothing you do will ever be more important.

Anonymous said...

$1600 for a douchebag to tell you that you're not brushing you kid's hair adequately?


Ugh, I feel your pain man. That's so absurd!!