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3 bad trends in the British nanny state

The UK is way ahead of us with the nanny state, and with various leftoid forces that are ruining the country. The London Telegraph explains:
Among the many serious puzzles raised by the peculiar workings of our “child protection” system, three continually recur. One is a huge increase in the number of children now being removed from their parents on grounds of “emotional abuse”. This has been by far the biggest contributor to the explosion in the numbers of children taken into care since the “Baby P” scandal in 2008, rising by 92 per cent. And most have not been for actual emotional abuse but simply for the possible “risk” of such abuse happening in the future. A second charge against parents which comes up too often is their failure to “co-operate with professionals”, such as the social workers who are tearing their family apart. A third, used to justify 90 per cent of child removals, is the role of those “independent” psychologists hired by social workers to report that the parents suffer from such vague conditions as “borderline personality disorder”, or “narcissism”, leading them to “put their own interests above those of the children”.
Yes, those are three horrible anti-parent trends, and an appeal just upheld all three.
Everyone agreed, as an earlier judge found, that the children were “thriving”, that the parents were devoted to them and had done them no harm. But the same psychologist again found the mother not fully fit to look after her boys and said there might therefore be a “risk” of future harm. When the social workers removed the children, relations between them and the father grew so fraught that, when he accused one of them outside a courtroom of lying, and the social worker pushed him, he took a defensive swing at the man’s head and was fined £430 for assault. The father then refused to allow his baby to go through a traditional temple naming ceremony because, in defiance of Hindu rules, the social workers insisted on being present. ...

Anyway, the father had already abused his children, both by hitting a social worker in his older son’s presence (even though the boy had been yards away at the time), and then by refusing to allow the younger boy to be named.
The social worker probably deserved to be punched. But whether he did or not, punching a social worker should not be consider child abuse.

The way we are going, any sub-optimal behavior will be considered child abuse. If you are rude to a stranger, CPS might claim that you are setting a bad example for your kid, and hence call it child abuse.
It was a mere oversight that this woman had been described in council documents as “Dr”, when she was nothing of the kind.
Yes, here in the USA we have clowns with mail-order degrees that get called "Doctor" by the court.

I used to respect the British system of justice, since we got ours from them. However it is absurd to punish parents for risk of future emotional abuse. That is what CPS did to me. It is arbitrary and capricious. In the British system of centuries ago that still gets taught in American law schools, no such charge is legitimate.

Another problem that we also now have is psychologists claiming that some parents have a problem leading them to “put their own interests above those of the children”. The opposite would be a mental illness. That is, all normal parents put their own interests above those of the children, for some of the time at least. You can't be babying your kid all the time. This is just some stupid psychologist buzz phrase that was invented to blame parents when there is no substantial complaint.

Here are some of the online comments:
FOLLOW THE MONEY:- Judges, Lawyers, Court Guardians, all making their fortunes, carers being paid £400/week for "each" child tax free - more than most families have to feed their entire families'. £5000 for a hired gun Psychiatrist for making a report favourable to the Social Workers.
The so called Child Protection Agency aka the Child Cruelty Agency, labelled in the Daily telegraph Callous, Cruel and Corrupt. They purger themselves in the secret family courts with impunity. The most absurd accusations are made and accepted by judges. Of a case in Enfield which unusually was given publicity; the Judge said that of a dozen accusations made, every accusation was false or misleading. Yet not a single Enfield employee was punished or named.
There is no defence against an accusation of Emotional Abuse or Potential Emotional Abuse, it is a trick learnt in the Witch trials, the accused can not win.
Social Workers are Nazis and re-incarnated Witch Finder Generals as are those who are happy to support and work for them.
It is time for justice and for these people to be named and put in the stocks, their day of judgement is at hand.

My long held view: There is no situation so dire that it cannot be made worse by the intervention of a social worker.

The solution is so simple,so simple ! No child should be taken from a parent unless that parent has been charged and subsequently convicted of a crime against children.Criminal courts replace family courts,innocent until proved guilty and no children ever removed for "risk".
We have laws in uk and those who break them are rightly punished;How can it make any sense if we punish those who do NOT break any laws by removing their children? The President of the family court Sir James Munby recently stated quite rightly that to remove a baby at birth from a mother was the worst punishment that could be given since the abolition of capital punishment ! Who can argue with that?

My Name is Bhupeshkumar Patel
I am the Daddy of Baby no name.
The point you are all missing is these people steal children for a living.

This is disgusting. When can we have the revolution? Who judges the judges?

Aren't we always being told that the English legal system is so much superior than the systems of those dastardly foreigners?
These star chamber like proceedings of the English courts make these claims extremely dubious.

Which is the greater danger to children, 'emotional abuse' or a psychologist?

The rationale of the state -- judge, social workers, psychologists et al -- make perfect sense if one becomes acquainted (as I have recently) with the phenomenon of "collectivism" -- a euphemism for socialism, communism, fascism, et al. Essentially, it is an ideology of totalitarian control, where the state knows best, and the individual is expected to submit willingly and happily to the interests of the group for the betterment of society.

Collectivism is the ideology that has taken hold of our democracies, both here and in America. It has been brought in by stealth, without consulting the electorate, and it functions by coercion. Things such as the taking away of children against the wishes of their parents because the authorities think it best is an example of collectivism in action.

G. Edward Griffin explains it well in laymen's terms in various videos on YouTube, although he is based in America. "Collectivism" is the new tyranny, and the direction our government is taking in Britain, secretly, whilst pretending to advocate democracy and government via elections. Just thought you might like to know .....

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